Nobody knows for sure whether The Rolling Stones will play Barclays Center later this year for their 50th anniversary (although Keith Richards hinted at it in a recent interview with Q magazine)—but today, the band has unveiled their newest single, "Doom And Gloom," taken from their forthcoming GRRR! greatest hits compilation. And since every new Rolling Stones single could be their last one ever, it's very important that we all listen to it and try to be objective. Check it out below (just, uh, you'll have an easier time enjoying it if you ignore the "lyric video" element).

So yes, a cynic might say that it does INDEED sound like a Rolling Stones song. It's unfair to judge it against any classic Stones tunes, but "Gloom and Doom" fits in nicely with their later-day material, coming out just ahead of "Rough Justice" and just behind "You Got Me Rocking." Jagger sounds pretty good, like he decided to redirect some of his intense exercise routines toward getting the phlegm out of his voice, even if he is singing about zombies.

Sure, it's no peppy "Don't Stop," but thankfully it's not "Anybody Seen My Baby." This is one of just two new tracks the band recorded in Paris earlier this year—let's all cross our fingers and hope the other, "One More Shot," is one of Richards slow, smoky ballads (ala "Thief In The Night," "Slipping Away," or "Thru and Thru").

Now for some good news/bad news: longtime saxophonist Bobby Keys talked to Billboard about the Stones' future. He revealed that he's hard at work on Richards' new solo album (!!), and that the group is "gonna do some more concerts, starting in November with two in England and then a couple here in the States, then there's a few added concerts after that."

But he also thinks this may be the last time FOR REAL: "The reality is this train is going to pull into the last station pretty soon—I don't know how soon. I've been saying this since 1980," he told Billboard. "But I feel like it's kind of winding down. This may be sort of the 'Sayonara, see you later, had a good time, keep in touch.' I don't know that for sure. I haven't officially been told anything...I just take my cue primarily from what Keith says, so we'll have to see." As long as Richards outlives us all, hanging out in trees and smoking up dead relatives ashes, we're absolutely fine with that.