With the weather getting finer, Gothamist can't wait to head to Coney Island for a little Cyclone action. And besides the amusement park, there are the delicious pizzas at Totonno's, considered by some to be quite exceptional. And there was a New Yorker Talk of the Town piece about the deep-sea exploring bathysphere which sounded very Steve Zissou to us. The bathysphere is getting ready for a public appearance this summer; we think it's for the Coney Island History Day on June 4th. For more Coney Island history, go to ConeyIsland.com.

And this image is from ABC 7's story about the annual inspections at Coney Island. A team goes to Coney Island for a 4-day check of every little part of the park twice a year: Once before the park opens and once when it's in season.