Have you spent the past decade wondering whatever became of Sinatra-loving former SNL-er Joe Piscopo? No? What about ukelele-playing-SNLer-turned-Obama-citizenship-conspiracy-theorist Victoria Jackson? Not her either? Well, tough bananas! Because the two of them are teaming up for what is surely the saddest pseudo-SNL reunion show ever.

Piscopo and Jackson, who, as the AV Club points out, never actually appeared on SNL together, are nevertheless "reuniting" for a special engagement at Piscopo's Atlantic City nightclub, the appropriately named Club Piscopo. The show runs for four nights next month at $25 a pop, which is actually a bargain when you think of all the cringes they'll surely pack into each and every performance.

Here's a look at Piscopo in his "heyday":

And a more recent clip of Jackson, singing her Tea Party-approved hit "There's A Communist Living in the White House!!"