With the heat that's hitting the city this week, we can understand the desire to walk around with as little clothes as possible. But on Park Avenue between Union Square and 23rd Street (and the surrounding areas), there's one man who seems to walk up and down with his shirt off all the time. The man is over 6 feet tall, disturbingly muscular, and is dubbed He-Man by the locals. Not only does He-Man walk around shirtless, he also has an odd collar around his neck (almost like a bow tie without the tie). He doesn't have a page boy haircut like cartoon He-Man, but he does have a mullet! A website to track his whereabouts even exists. It seems like everytime we're in the area, we see He-Man walking around. Sure enough, just yesterday, we saw He-Man walking around with his buddy on Park Ave around 18th Street.

Apparently when he's got his shirt on, He-Man is a caring being, talking to people in Union Square Park. While the He-Man website may be tongue-in-cheek, the man is real. Whether or not he has the same power as the cartoon He-Man remains to be seen. We certainly don't want to find out though.

From what we've read, there are no sightings of Skeletor.