Bill Maher, last seen in these parts failing to find a problem with Milo Yiannopolous' bigotry, is in hot water again. This time, it's because during an interview with Nebraska senator and professional millennial basher Ben Sasse, Maher inexplicably and smugly threw the n-word into the interview, as one does.

Sasse was on the show to promote his book about how millennials are all soft children, when he told Maher he would happily invite him to come work in the fields with him. Maher declined, telling Sasse that he was "a house n*gger" as the audience and Sasse all laughed. As it turns out though, people are angry at Maher for thinking he can just casually say the word like it has no seriously ugly racial history or anything.

HBO agreed that Maher saying the n-word was unacceptable and has vowed swift action, promising to "remove the comment" from future reruns of the episode. Ah, that oughta do it, just pretend like it never happened, that'll show him.

Sasse eventually apologized, hours after firing off some tweets promoting the interview, in a series of tweets that he quoted in on themselves instead of just threading them. Maybe he should get a millennial to teach him how to do that?

Maher apologized this afternoon for using the word "in a moment of banter" and said he was "very sorry."

He could probably stand to take some lessons from Val Kilmer: