GIRLS will end for good this Sunday after 62 episodes filled with inappropriate sexual hookups, confusing dancing, and endless unlikely job opportunities. Seeing as how you all have an insatiable lust for GIRLS content, and clearly none of you have had your fill of GIRLS thinkpieces over the last week, I was ready to break out a classic "take" on the show, perhaps “A Ranking Of All The Sidewalks In GIRLS,” "The Fate of the Furious Was The GIRLS Finale We Deserved" or "Which GIRLS Would You Be If You Were Reborn In The Body Of A GIRLS?"

But thankfully, my editor threw some cold water on that (even though I still think “Should Fearless Girl Be Replaced With Fearless GIRLS?” would have been a classic of the genre), so instead, I offer you this 28-minute-long farewell to the show, produced by HBO and featuring lots of fun behind-the-scenes footage, stories about casting, and Lena Dunham & Co. reflecting on six seasons of artificial online outrage.

And if you really do want to read more about GIRLS: WHAT DO THEY KNOW? DO THEY KNOW THINGS? LET'S FIND OUT!!, you can check out our pieces on the best episodes from each season, an interview with Old Man Ray himself, and Rebecca Fishbein's personal take on how much she loves everything GIRLS, her favorite show of all time, bar none, forever.