You've got to hand it to the casting directors at HBO—they sure do know how to target an audience. Behold this amazing gem of a Craigslist ad—"looking for featured Hipsters!" (capitalization theirs)—that the network posted for its Brian Greenberg/ Kid Cudi vehicle about pretty young things just trying to make it in the big city, How To Make It America.

"So have you ever been called a hipster? Deny being one but own various wardrobe and sport a hairstyle that is considered non-mainstream.? Got any cool tattoos? Have a awesome beard or ironic mustache.? Have some cool vintage dresses? Did you make it to the LCD Soundsystem farewell show or desperately wanted to? If any of these things pertain to you, you're probably just right for the show," reads the ad, which Flavorwire brought to our attention. So, are you?

They'll be filming in (duh) Bushwick and the Lower East Side all this week, so dress snazzy and you, too, might get famous! The whole hipster thing not your style? Don't worry, they're looking for "model types," too.