Photo by The Real Janelle

Stained glass, mosaics, tiled penguins... there's a lot going on underground (in fact, here's an entire guide to all the subway art you can find throughout the system). But this piece, well, wins. What a simple yet accurate reflection on the current state of city agencies and their budget woes. Sure, it's a minimalist approach, but it says so much. Just look at the edges—dirty and peeling, staring back at straphangers, as if mocking them for paying $89/month for this. For giant, fake, peeling tiles.

We've contacted NYC Transit to find out more about WTF the deal is with these sticker tiles. How often do they get replaced, and does a new layer just go on top? So many unanswered questions! We'll update if we get any answers—but as with the many provocative works of art, this may have to be left open to interpretation.