Catching a sight of Ecto-1 parked outside your apartment is neat but unexceptional; being awoken by a cacophonous car fire is irritating but basic; seeing a subway car floating through the streets is certainly an eyebrow-raiser, but even MTA vehicles have gotta get from A to B somehow. But a spaceship/tank hybrid with Midwest plates in the heart of yupster Brooklyn? It should be illegal to be cynical about such a thing (even if it's probably illegal to drive it).

"It was parked in front of 10 Ft Single at N 6th and Meeker in Williamsburg," Reddit user Peanutpickle10, who spotted the vehicle last Saturday, told us. "There were two men, likely father [and] son pair, with no shoes, showing the car off to residents at 277 N 6th Street. It was definitely driving and something that's been spotted around the area recently."

Indeed, it's caught the eye of people all around the borough, parked in Bushwick, roaming around Fort Greene, and cruising down the blocks in Prospect Heights. Another person who spotted it noted, "I caught sight of the driver and he was a total hipster." The license plate of the vehicle seems to indicate it's registered in Montana, so maybe that's the new Omaha.

Thanks to some well-versed Redditors and our own imaginations, we have a few guesses as to what the vehicle actually is:

-A Burning Man structure (as one Burner friend put it to me, "Not one I'm sure I've seen, but it does look like a BM art car")
-Badonkadonk Land Cruiser/Tank
-A real spaceship, they have spaceships in Montana now, look it up
-Gru's car from Despicable Me
-Jabba The Hut's barge
-A discarded prop from the original production of The Day The Earth Stood Still (not the Keanu Reeves/Jaden Smith joint)
-This tank from Avatar: The Last Airbender
-Leonardo Da Vinci's tank design

Do you know the deal with this contraption? Have you seen it around town? Did it abduct you? Can it eradicate Donald Trump? Let us know in the comments.