Hot on the heels of the spinning human dreidel, we have now received reports of a rogue Christmas Tree Man afoot in the subway system, attempting to inject some seasonal spirit into your thwarted commute. Is it working yet?

Straphanger Shane Brauner told Gothamist he first spotted this Yuletide Ent around 8 p.m. on Monday, while riding the C train from Manhattan to Brooklyn. "He was chilling," Brauner said of Christmas Tree Man, noting that his fellow passengers/prisoners seemed to appreciate that chill. "He was friendly and chatting with the guy across from him a bit, but mainly was just on his phone."

Normal! A model of subway etiquette, even! Quietly shambles onto train, settles his unwieldy collection of branches and needles upon a reasonably isolated seat (without poking his neighbors!), and proceeds to scroll unobtrusively.

Naturally, the other riders appreciated the tact—except for maybe the woman to the tree's left, seen covering her face with her hands as if embarrassed, annoyed, or maybe just frustrated with what she saw on her screen.

"People would come onto the train, smile, and kinda shake their head," Brauner said. "It was a positive thing!"

Turns out, our gentleman evergreen has a name, and it is not Christmas Tree Man; it's Mr. Christmas Tree, and like Human Dreidel, he is just trying to "spread smiles everywhere," per his Facebook page. It seems Mr. Christmas Tree has been at this game for a few years, perhaps you have seen him around? Perhaps you have spotted a lonely lit tree looking a little out of place on a random corner, only to have your Santa suit scared off when it springs suddenly to life? That's probably him!

There is nothing in more dire need of holiday cheer—any brand of cheer would do, really—than the New York City subway system, a mobile house of horrors with the uncanny ability to sap straphangers of their will to live. As you sit there, angrily trapped inside a stalled, overstuffed B, D, E, F, J, L, M, R, Z, 1, 2, or 3 train, marinating in your sweat lodge of a parka, just consider how much nicer your thwarted commute could be with the addition of some seasonal spirit.

As long as Mr. Christmas Tree isn't taking up more than his fair share of precious space at rush hour, or attempting to preach some kind of Trumpian complaint about the "war on Christmas" like this guy did a few years ago, I am pretty okay with this. I am pretty okay with all two of the holiday mascots we have seen on the subway so far this year.

I mean really, who doesn't love a spruce outfitted in festive floating hands? Mr. Christmas Tree sure does! Be on the lookout for this roving conifer on your annual pilgrimage to the Mother Tree (Shelby).