Earlier this month the beautifully shot first episode of a new web series called "The Silent City" was released, and they've just set the second installment loose. The series is part-Walking Dead, part-I Am Legend, and part-urban exploration. It was filmed in the real life abandoned spaces of New York, and focuses on one survivor who believes he is the only person left in the city. The project was Kickstarted, and during their campaign they introduced the series with this plot outline:

"Welcome to New York City. Population: 01. When an unexplained event decimates the human race, the survivors fight for their lives in the ruins of a once mighty civilization. A decade later, the dangers of the new world have taken their toll. Hopelessness and isolation have felled many of the original survivors, and now one man walks alone, determined to endure against all odds."

Do you recognize any of the spots they've filmed at so far?
Part 1:

Part 2:

[via Boing Boing]