Rod Stewart: Still got it (that hairstyle). (Photo by Don B, via GoingWithEddie)

[UPDATE: No, you haven't seen Rod Stewart on the subway lately... at least, probably not—you've probably just seen Fake Rod Stewart, or as some call him: Rockaway Rod. So below, substitute Rod Stewart with Fake Rod Stewart.]

Singer, songwriter, and 69-year-old Rod Stewart was spotted riding NYC's underground rails once again—something that probably happens often, but that only gets captured and displayed on social media once or twice a lifetime month. If you are playing the "Am I a real New Yorker yet?" game, spotting him on the train should go on your checklist, right after crying in public and killing a cockroach with your bare hands.

The most recent sighting of this crooning, pop culture unicorn was back at the end of July, but for some reason was just brought to our attention now. Perhaps because now is when we need it most. When other Brits are trashing our subway system, we find a long documented online log of one Rod Stewart absolutely loving it. Or at least tolerating it.

Happy Wednesday: