Luxury building amenities are usually just for the residents, but this Manhattan building is so generous that it is offering an amenity to the public: a giant bean from Anish Kapoor. This is the artist behind the famous "Bean" (a.k.a. Cloud Gate) in Chicago, which millions visit annually.

To get an idea of how popular this thing is, according to CBS, "Mayor Rahm Emanuel said 12.9 million people visited [Millennium] Park in the second half of 2016 alone," which was a figure based on "new technology centered around 'Cloud Gate,' also known as 'The Bean,' and one of the park’s most popular spots." The NY Times called it a "tourist magnet," and Time declared it more of "a destination" than piece of art, noting it is "an essential photo opportunity." As such, there are even guides available on how to take the best photo of the "Bean."

Now imagine leaving home every day and having to elbow your way through crowds trying to capture the perfect shot of the reflective bean, which is jammed into the bottom of your building at 56 Leonard Street, which itself looks like a giant Jenga sculpture. That's an Instagram two-fer!

While NYC's "Bean" isn't in place yet, according to New York Yimby, "Orange-colored arrows spray painted on the sidewalk along with a continuous curvilinear outline have showed up in front of the skyscraper, next to the main lobby of the development. This can only mean one thing, the Anish Kapoor metallic bean-shaped sculpture will (finally) arrive and on-site installation will hopefully begin sometime soon."

Enjoy your empty sidewalk, residents, because it seems inevitable that the corner of Church Street and Leonard Street will soon become a tourist hot spot. But remember, as Jaden Smith once said, "It’s good to be happy and tell us how cool your life is and how awesome you are on social media." When you live at 56 Leonard, you'll have an army of influencers doing it for you, for free.