While watching Square Pegs, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, LA Story, or Sex and the City, you might have thought, "You know, I could probably get along with Sarah Jessica Parker if we were friends." Here's your chance to find out: Godiva is sponsoring a Celebrity Dinner Auction with different celebrities in different cities to benefit different charities. If you bid on dinner for eight with Sarah Jessica Parker, the money goes to UNICEF and the New York Restoration Project. And dinner would be prepared by Mario Batali at Lupa. Or there's dinner in Boston with Ben Affleck (dinner by Todd English, proceeds to AT Children's Project), in LA with Leonardo DiCaprio (dinner by Govind Armstrong, proceeds to DiCap's own charity), in Miami with Ricky Martin (dinner by Allen Susser, proceeds to People for Children), and in San Francisco with Benjamin Bratt, aka Detective Rey Curtis, (dinner by Gary Danko, proceeds to Operation Rainbow). While all these sound like splendid evenings, we must say the NY dinner with SJP is sounding like the winner to us. It'll be fun to see the status of these auctions. Our money is on the SJP and DiCap dinners being the biggest moneymakers, but we might not have our pulse on the other regional tastes.

The auction begins tonight at 8PM EST, ending on October 3.

Even if you don't bid on a dinner, check out these very worthy charities yourself.