It's unclear as to whether or not Jake Bronstein and his Zoomdoggle team are now hired guns for George Lucas & Co., but considering their latest Indiana Jones-themed stunt began on the day of the latest Indiana Jones DVD release, we're guessing it's a safe bet to say they are. Yesterday a Zoomdoggle employee tipster sent us in these photos of IndiHats around town, and another tipster informed us that Zoomdoggle updated their website with the following:

Here's a fun one, call it hat-vertizing, a brim-job, or just one hell of a scavenger hunt, but some Indiana Jones obsessed compatriots of mine have decided to “hide” 800 of these hats in four different cities starting today. In fact, while I type this, teams are cramming them into crannies, nudging them into nooks, and just plain hiding them them in plain sight in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, and right here in New York. Find one and it’s yours to keep. All they ask is that you snap a shot of yourself wearing it and upload it to flickr with the tag “indihat.”

This guy

in Chicago seems to be the first to have found one and posted on Flickr, where he alludes to a potential prize being rewarded. Has anyone else spotted one in New York? UPDATE: Someone at Cunning has just told us the marketing campaign "was actually creatively developed and activated by us. [Bronstein's] a friend of ours.... we are his 'Indiana Jones obsessed compatriots'."