Harrison Ford; Drawing - Fametracker.comAha! Fametracker posted its Fame Audit of Harrison Ford, with unerring timing after our Friday post, Harrison Ford, Gothamist Doesn't Know You Anymore. Gothamist wholeheartedly agrees with the audit, but would like that it's a testament to Ford's skill that he convincingly acts like he really likes Melanie Griffith in Working Girl.

Gothamist asked Fametracker if they had heard our cry; they gently told us no, mumble mumble great minds some something maybe. They did agree with the Melanie Griffith point. "We almost mentioned in the Fame Audit the fact that Harrison Ford had to sit and listen to one of the worse lines in movie history -- 'I've got a mind for business and a bod for sin' -- delivered by one of the worst actresses in movie history -- Melanie Griffith -- and he didn't crack up or anything. " Amen.