Harrison Ford, where art thou? You're our Han Solo, our Indiana Jones...hell, our Jack Ryan (we need a good CIA hero in this day and age, we suppose). It seems you've been going through a three-quarter-life crisis. In love with Calista Flockhart? The earring? The crappy movies? It's so sad to Gothamist that you have to star in a movie with Bedhead (as for Hollywood Homicide, A.O. Scott likes it, Manohla Dargis doesn't). Yes, you're the most popular star on the earth, but we're waiting for Fametracker to do a Fame Audit.

Here are Harrison Ford's last ten movies. Of the last five, Gothamist has seen (we've got no plans to see HH, unless we're paid to), we've paid $10 at the movie theater to see NONE...we've had to see parts of some but not willingly(TNT, we love for you Law & Order, but stop Random Hearts and Proof of Life on every night - just more L&O). In Gothamist's opinion, his last good movie was Clear & Present Danger (saw Sabrina 'cause we loved the original; AFO was serviceable, had William H. Macy).

How many have you seen:

Hollywood Homicide
K-19: The Widowmaker
What Lies Beneath
Random Hearts
Six Days Seven Nights
Air Force One
Devil's Own, The
Clear and Present Danger,
The Fugitive