There are tons of things to do this weekend, but one thing Gothamist is definitely doing is going to see Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. Not only is it important to support the Asian peeps, it's necessary to see silly movies that make you laugh - this works well with both movies that are intentionally supposed to be funny, like Harold & Kumar, as well as ones that aren't, like Catwoman, which may be the funniest movie Gothamist has seen all year, especially when the cat tries to make out with Halle Berry, and when there are poop and fart jokes involved, Gothamist is there. Director Danny Leiner told the Daily News, "For some reason, White Castle is funny. I grew up in Brooklyn, and we used to make late-night journeys there. It's a mom-and-pop business." Leiner admits to being worried that White Castle wouldn't allow their name or stores to be used in the film, but White Castle was okay with it. Gothamist found the remarks of White Castle's director of marketing, Jamie Richardson, fascinating:

We thought the values were very inclusive in terms of the actors being Korean-American and Indian-American. As for the other...things [drugs, sex, etc.] that take place, well, they're not White Castle values - but from our point of view, we saw it as authentic with the lengths our customers will go to get our burgers.

Now that's modern brand management. The Daily News also has some facts about White Castle, like "The patty has five holes in it to allow the steam to evenly cook the burger and heat the bun." Excellent. Here are White Castle locations in NY.

The NY Times' A.O. Scott wrote about how Harold & Kumar "revitalizes" slacker comedy while also "persuasively, and intelligently, [engaging] the social realities of contemporary multicultural America." Okay. Rotten Tomatoes says it's pretty fresh and Roger Ebert gives it three stars. And Karen at Gothamist Arts & Events saw the film and gives her thoughts (it's fun).