Located at the intersection of St. Nicholas Place and 150th Street, the James Bailey House is now for sale and could be yours for just $6.5 million dollars (coming down from $10 million). Not a bad price for a castle, 12,000-square-feet of living space and a 62.5 x 100-foot lot. Originally built in 1888 for the co-founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, the freestanding structure is saturated with plenty of luxurious details throughout the interior (stained glass, hand-carved wood), but is said to need significant repairs. The Wall Street Journal reports that it was purchased by a former funeral home director in 1951 (Marguerite Blake, who still lives there with her niece), but only Wikipedia says the house was actually a mortuary at one point—so we're guessing there's probably no need to bring in the Ghostbusters. Check out more photos at Harlem Hybrid, who just went on an open house tour.