The NY Times has an excellent feature on the excitement around the lovely Loews Victoria theater in Harlem. There are seven developers vying to take over the space at 125th Street (which is right next to the Apollo), and many of those designs include "boutique" or "luxury" areas, signaling the furthering of Harlem's real estate renaissance. However, there is the question of preservation, as the theater was built in 1917 with gorgeous interiors: The problem is that many of the designs proposed only allow for the facade to be preserved. Based on the little that Gothamist has seen from the NY Times pictures and accompanying chart, the Victoria Development Group's design calls for the most preservation of the theater (facade, interior space including columns, rotunda, stairs, proscenium, and various ceilings). Of course, it is the most expensive design at $150 million, and somehow, it's really ugly. Sure, high-rises will be part of Harlem's skyline, and modern design may have to be introduced, but this one is pretty gross.

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