Not only are seals coming back to the harbor but they are coming to the Zoo, too. The Post has a story on the one of the newest additions to the Central Park Zoo, a one-year-old half-blind harbor seal named Herbie. Maybe this story is running now to keep people's mind off of the wild animals in the area?Anyway

The year-old pup was found stranded on a dock in Maine last year, partly blind and skinny because he couldn't see well enough to catch his dinner.

The zoo, eager to replace another harbor seal - which died of West Nile virus a few years ago - was happy to take him as a companion to the lonely Nicky, son of the deceased seal.

Herbie, who we sort of wish were this guy, came to the zoo in December, but was kept in quarantine until recently. He hasn't really interacted much with the other seals, but he will. Zookeepers say "Herbie is very bright and eager to learn." Plus, he looks darn cute in the Post's photo. If only it weren't raining outside. We still want to adopt a seal though.

Photograph of another seal a California Sea Lion at the Zoo from ewphoto's flickr stream.