Hey, New York City hardware stores: it's time to take a tip from Westlake Ace Hardware in Lenexa, Kansas—the store has launched a Zombie Preparedness Center, for both the living and the undead. They provide tips on rot prevention and how to delay decay, for the undead amongst us; and for humans, they deliver defensive tools and tips on zombie proofing your home. If you've read Zone One, you know this is something we as New Yorkers need.

For those looking in need of some quick answers, there's a handy FAQ—a helpful resource for both the walking dead and those running from them—one zombie asks, Now that I’m a zombie, how can I protect myself from fearful neighbors and their 'tools-of-defense' (One tip: Something as simple as drapery and blinds can help you remain low key.)

The store is also a Zombie Friendly Business, and now certified by the pro-zombie organization, Zombies Unite.

[via Laughing Squid]