Based on their 4-song EP and the incredible showmanship of a live show full of cock and bravado, The Bravery have been called the next big thing by the Village Voice and Rolling Stone. With only days remaining until the release of their self-titled debut, we will soon know whether this local band can live up to all the hype.

Fueled by the currently hip guitar/synth driven sound, it might all be a matter of timing. With the current popularity of Brandon Flowers outfit, The Bravery might be able to sneak their dance rock into the public consciousness much like George Bush Sr. snuck into the White House on the coattails of Reagan. If the inevitable retro New-Wave backlash starts too soon, they might find themselves labeled soulless copycats of an overdone sound.

Equal parts post-punk and 80s synth rock, the Bravery are the latest band to discover the secrets of catchy keyboards and bouncy upfront bass lines. Songs like Tyrant Mouth owe a great debt to Duran Duran and the Cult. No matter how derivative, the band has already won over numerous fans with early singles like, Unconditional, a throaty plea for love adorned with a very catchy keyboard crescendo.

On Public Service the band tries their hand at the rolling bass line, disco hi-hat beat that groups like the Moving Units and the Rapture have beaten to death. Scrapping the usual slicing guitars employed by most bands of the genre, they layer the beat with a very Strokes sounding guitar bit before giving way to their standard synth led sound.

Sam Endicott does his best growling but sensitive rock voice throughout the album, but unfortunately, no matter how well you have mastered the sexy voice, it does you little good with lines like:

This is what it's all about
Take me in and eat me out
Pins and needles in my arms
Oh yes, your lucky charms.

With all their currently hip influences we cant help but think this might be a ploy by a bunch of musicians trying to find fame and fortune by latching on to the next big sound, especially considering Sams earlier stint in the ill-fated ska band, Skabba the Hut. But when we read that he snubbed Kate Moss back stage at a gig last week, we reconsidered our verdict, thinking that maybe this really is a band all about the music until we remembered that Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand did the same thing the month before.

2005_03_artsbravery.jpgThe Bravery's self titled debut will be released on March 29th and can be purchased here.
The band will be playing two shows at Bowery Ballroom in April, both shows are sold out.

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Photography by Raphael Rodriguez.