The metropolitan area's EDM and molly fans all got together on Randalls Island yesterday for the Electric Zoo kickoff. There were bright colors, there were beads, there (hopefully) were those drug testing kits that let you know if your E is pure. Harambe was there too, because it's 2016 and somehow the funniest thing in America in a dead gorilla.

It all started as a collection of memes and song parodies stemming either from a desire to make fun of people who wanted the parents of the boy who fell in Harambe's pit put on trial, or just something to replace the "husband email" song parodies. Twitter is very weird, and Harambe is now everywhere.

Third party presidential candidates tweet about Harambe (and get owned for it), Danny Trejo asked everyone to get their dicks out for Harambe, and at Electric Zoo, just writing Harambe on shirts, signs and posters posters about asses passed for A+ jokes.

The usual life cycle of a meme is that the kids love it, and then Denny's or Chipotle or whoever tweets something about how the world would be better if Harambe was alive to eat a Grand Slam. A dead gorilla seems to be a step too far for our #brand overlords so far, but brands, we are begging you: please tweet the meme so it can finally be retired and we never have to see a "BOOTY 4 HARAMBE" flag ever again.