Happy weekend! As many of you are checking out of work early (at least, we hope you are), Gothamist wants to wish you a great weekend. The police are on extra alert - they already confiscated 160 boxes of illegal fireworks from a day care center. Enjoy the weekend and leave your computer and 24/7 Internet access behind you! (Or at least cut it down to 16/5.) Eat hot dogs! Eat tofu dogs! Get sunburned - no, actually just put more sunblock on (pale and pasty will be in when you're not all grossy and leathery when you're old)! Enjoy having Monday off. More details on what you can do this weekend.

Gothamist is even going to take advantage of the weekend - we're summering in the city! It's be reduced posts across the site, but we'll back at full power on Tuesday. But there's tons of Gothamist to read if need your fix: Ask Gothamist, Gothamist Arts & Events, Gothamist Interview, Gothamist Sports, and Gothamist Weather. If clicking through so many sites is daunting, fear not, there's the Gothamist Digest that's everything Gothamist.

tbarry_big.jpgAlso, we must commend Andrew Krucoff for his interview with Todd Barry, who manhandles the interview and Krucoff like no one before. Our favorite cat-lofting comedian gives one of the truest NY mottos ever: "We have shitty street fairs." Realizing that how vulnerable our future interviewers will be to this kind of assault, Gothamist thought this would be the perfect time to ask you what questions you'd like to see, as we change up the interview a bit with Andrew transitioning off to greener pastures. Help us, Gothamites (Gothamistas? Gothamisters? Gothamissuses?)!

Basic questions about the subject of the interview will remain as will some other questions. We're slated to keep the following:

- 9pm, Wednesday - what are you doing>?
- What's your New York motto?
- What happened the last time you went to LA?
- If you could change one thing about New York, what would it be?

Some ideas we've been tossing around:

- Not including Manhattan, what is your favorite neighborhood?
- What is your favorite NYC bar?
- Where is the best beach?
- In your opinion, what is the best slice of pizza in New York?
- What is the longest subway ride you've ever taken? (Meaning time and/or distance)

- Do you have a favorite grocery store/bodega? - What NYC newspapers do you read? - Do you have pets (cats, dogs, babies or needy friends)? Any tips for pet care? - Best hangover food and where to get it? - What's the best subway line/station? - Have you ever been conned by a street hustler, psychic or date? - What NY noise you'd like to end/noise you could hear over and over again? - Do you have recommendations for a tourist visiting NY for the second time? - What is your favorite NYC resource? - Where do you go when you want to be alone? - What is your favorite "hidden" thing in New York?

Since you will be the ones reading the interviews, what kind of information do you want to know about other people?

You can comment here, but if the comments go crazy, we're turning them off and you can email us. Thanks!