Original photo of subway car via strle's flickr

It's only fitting that National Public Sleeping Day fall on a rainy Monday in the midst of SAD-season... and here we are. Yes, this is allegedly an actual holiday celebrating sleeping in public, and this site has some suggestions on where to doze off, including buses and public restrooms. Terrible, terrible ideas for New Yorkers, of course... so where is a good place to fall asleep in public in this city? Our top 5 suggestions below:

  • Under the Manhattan Bridge archway in DUMBO—they have nice long benches, plus you'll be covered from the rain. Bonus: the rumbling of the subway above is like white noise.
  • Under your desk at work, but not the full George Costanza way so that no one sees you.
  • On the subway, but make sure you set an alarm and don't end up at the end of the line.
  • At the movies, perhaps watching one of the Oscar-winning films.
  • In the lobby of the Algonquin—surely the new Matilda will share her chaise lounge.

If you attempt a public nap today, it may be best to have a friend around—in which case, have them snap your photo and send it to us! Bonus points for getting some shut eye at a New York City landmark.