It's Park(ing) Day, the most wonderful day of the year for people who like sitting in the street. Did you get everything you wanted under the Park(ing) tree? Here are the first photos from the day's festivities, which involve the imaginative transformation of over 50 drab, lifeless parking spots throughout NYC into spontaneous "park" installations.

We'll have even more photos later in the day, so check back in the afternoon for an expansive look at all the Park(ing) celebrations. [Send us your photos to tips(at)gothamist(dot)com or tag them "Gothamist" on Flickr!] For those who want to park it in person, here are all the locations that have been liberated from motorists' oppression.

One must-see is the double-wide Park(ing) space in SoHo that's being turned into a giant ball pit (see below) which passers-by can jump into and be photographed in "from high up above." The organizers, Shootbooth, say they'll be making prints for free until 6 p.m., on the corner of West Broadway and Prince Street.