After three long years and one very weird Christmas special, a new season of the fabulously watchable and super bromantic Sherlock is here. And in true British fashion, a season means only three episodes.

The BBC reboot of the classic detective series has grown from a PBS show targeted at Anglophiles / Sir Conan Arthur Doyle fans to a bigger phenomenon, as Benedict Cumberbatch is now a movie star with a blockbuster action hero movie under his belt and Netflix has all earlier seasons online for bingeing. Of course, having two movie stars in the leads (yes, Martin Freeman is in the Marvel movie universe too) is part of the reason why it's taken so long to film more episodes.

PBS's Masterpiece website says, "Season four begins with the mercurial Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch), back once more on British soil as Doctor Watson (Martin Freeman) and his wife Mary (Amanda Abbington) prepare for their biggest challenge yet: becoming parents." But it doesn't answer the question: Is it weird that I'm really bummed that Freeman and Abbington, who are married in real life, are getting divorced?

Tonight, the first episode, "The Six Thatchers," airs at 9 p.m., (some have noted that Dr. John Watson has already written about it on his blog) and BBC's plot summary is, "Sherlock waits to see where Moriarty will make his posthumous move. One mysterious case in particular baffles Scotland Yard, but Sherlock is more interested in a seemingly trivial detail. Why is someone destroying images of the late prime minister Margaret Thatcher? Is there a madman on the loose? Or is there a much darker purpose at work? Something with its roots deep in Mary Watson's past..."

Toby Jones is playing this season's villain; Molly and Mrs. Hudson are back, as are Lestrade and Mycroft; and there's "rumor of a third Holmes brother." Also, Sherlock will say "I love you" at some point:

For season five, which has reportedly been confirmed, can Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have Sherlock go up against his mortal enemy, pengwings?