2004_12_artspollard.jpgJust when you thought Thanksgiving was enough to satiate your inner glutton, Bloomie goes and declares a new holiday in which we can only imagine copious amounts of sinful behaviour will be celebrated. Nothing as bad as killing Indians though.
December 5th has been proclaimed Guided By Voices Day by Mayor Mikey B. Which is funny because (and we're following the line of thinking that listening to Bobby Darin isn't a good thing) last year at Magnet's 10th Anniversary show Bob Pollard accused the mayor of listening to Bobby Darin. Working off levels of irony here, it's also funny because there is no Bobby Darin Day. Hmmm. Anyway, in tribute you are encouraged to drink a lot of beer, just as Bob Pollard would want you to. And if you don't have tickets to see them LIVE AND IN PERSON, then listen to them on your iPod. They've got like 8 million songs, so start early.
Check out these city decrees declaring GBV day. Want one for your city too? Go ahead and sign this.

Want to pre-celebrate? GBV will be on Conan O'Brien tonight.

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