Julie Larsen Maher © Wildlife Conservation Society

There's a new "ground pig" in town! A mammal you may know better as an aardvark, or anteater. You wouldn't think the burrowing, nocturnal creature would have the same aw-factor as, say, baby lion cubs... but somehow they're kind of adorable! The Wildlife Conservation Society’s new baby aardvark, nicknamed Hoover, was born in September but just debuted at the Bronx Zoo today. WCS's vice president says:

“The Bronx Zoo has exhibited aardvarks several times during its long history, but they are notoriously difficult animals to breed and we have never had a baby at the zoo until now. Aardvarks are very unique, so different from any other species; it is really amazing to have the opportunity to watch a calf develop and mature from birth.”

Go say hi to Hoover this weekend—he'll be on exhibit with his mother all day at the Carter Giraffe Building.