2005_12_festivus.jpgmany Festivus details, more than we really remembered. Our favorite part of Festivus would be the Airing of the Grievances. Here are some of Gothamist's grievances that we'll be sharing at Festivus Dinner tonight:
- Cat's refusal to wear cute outfits
- Friend's refusal to be called "Dirk Calloway"
- Body's continous refusel to lose weight
- Neighbor's refusal to understand that continuous playing of "Since U Been Gone" is necessary
- Parents' refusal to un-storage-room the childhood bedroom
- Fingers' refusal to type with proper spelling and gramar

What's hilarious is that the Seinfeld writer, Daniel O'Keefe, came out with a book, The Real Festivus (with a foreward from Jason Alexander), a month before his dad a rival, unreleated book by Allen Salkin, Festivus: A Holiday for the Rest of Us (foreward from Jerry Stiller), was published! Their Airing of Grievances should be something else! You can see a comment from Salkin below - Gothamist will totally be on the Grievance list at his table!

What are your grievances for this year? TBS let you send a Festivus 2005 Ecard. And Gothamist noticed some silver poles on Murray Street, yet without lights or maps - perhaps the city is getting in on the Festivus spirit!