2007_05_julie2.jpgTo balance out the news about people who are very bad to pets, here's a story about how many people are wonderful to pets: It's an update about Miss Julie, the cat whose home at a bodega was threatened by the Department of Health. Why? Because it's against the health code to have cats in bodegas - never mind the cats killing vermin - and the bodega was fined and threatened with closure if it kept the tabby. New York Shitty's Miss Heather happily reported that Julie was adopted to a couple in Kensington:

This couple had been mulling over getting a cat for some time and once John (the husband) learned about Julie via Gothamist, he contacted his wife. His wife, Nicole, in turn contacted me. After talking a little over the phone, we agreed to meet today so they could meet Miss Julie and make a final decision.

It did not take them long to decide. Julie put on a real show, chatting them up and giving them several choice glimpses of her lusciously tubby tabby tummy. What sealed the deal was Julie loving all over Nicole’s purse.

Getting Julie into the carrier was a bit of a task. She clearly did not want to go and used her bountiful bod to force her way out. This Greenpoint girl was not too keen on moving to Kensington. But after being assured she would not be exposed to any Park Slope stroller moms, Julie calmed down a bit and complied with being lowered into the carrier.

And Julie's new humans sent Miss Heather a photograph (pictured) of Julie relaxing in her new home. Aw - many hoorahs to Miss Heather, John and Nicole! (J and N - we would be happy to send Julie a catnip cigar - email us your address!)

The whole concept of cats being illegal in bodegas was baffling to us, so we called the Department of Health to understand why exactly cats were fauna non grata in bodegas:

DOH lady: "Cats, to us, mean you have mice. And if you have mice, we're gonna shut you down."
Gothamist: "What if you have mice, and then you decide to get a cat to catch the mice?"
DOH lady: "It doesn't matter. You can't have a cat around where there's food."
Gothamist: "What if the deli just serves stuff in packages - no food is open?'
DOH lady: "It's the same thing. The only place where cats can run around is at a pet store."
Gothamist: "Really?"
DOH lady: "Yes."

To her credit, the DOH lady managed to be amused through her exasperation.