If my commute to the office this morning is any indication, no one else is in New York right now. It's just me. Alone. I Am Legend.

Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the year in New York City. Christmas has fallen on a Tuesday, New Year's Eve is just around the corner, and apparently everyone has taken the in-between time off to enjoy with their family, and/or escape to a cabin somewhere, alone. Must be nice.

But it's nice here, too.

Sure, maybe there are a few other people in town, but we are currently experiencing a less crowded New York City than usual, and it is lovely. I didn't see one person on my walk to the subway this morning, which was somewhat unnerving before my brain correctly registered it as being absolutely goddamn delightful. There was one other person on my subway platform, at a time when there is typically an uncomfortably large crowd that inevitably has to squeeze into the last square foot of space on the incoming train. Speaking of, the subway cars were close to empty—seats for everyone! There was also no one on the subway platform when I got to my destination (of Springsteen Street). The Trader Joe's looked abandoned. And the Dunkin' Donuts had more employees on hand than people on line (the "line" was made up of 1 person, me).

Meanwhile, the stretch of Varick Street leading up to the Holland Tunnel was free of traffic, and blaring honking noises. Could have sworn I saw a tumbleweed in the distance.

And while I'm pretty sure the heat isn't on in the office, it's blissfully empty here, too.

Soon enough, the people will come back, and delight/annoy the hell out of us—but in the meantime, if you see nothing, send us something (a photo!), and we'll add it to this gallery.