It's Cinco de Mayo, and while most don't really know what the day stands for (it's not Mexican independence day, if that's what you thought), many do take advantage of it to eat Mexican food and drink margaritas, which Gothamist supports as a reason to have a holiday.

Citysearch has an editors' roundup of places for eat, or find a Mexican restaurant in Manhattan using Menupages. Also, NY magazine said Maroon's has the best margarita, Pampano the best quesedilla, and Bar@ Etats-Unis the best guacamole. Or, check out some Cinco de Mayo recipes from Epicurious and Tabasco. And learn how the day is usually celebrated, from How Stuff Works.

Gothamist on margaritas. And what are your suggestions for good Mexican food in the city? Or for Cinco de Mayo plans?