Born on July 26, 1928 in the Bronx, director Stanley Kubrick would have been 87 today. Kubrick attended William Howard Taft High School and started his career in 1946, working as a photographer for Look magazine (where he shot these amazing photos of the subway). His second feature film, Killer's Kiss, came out in 1955. It's set in mid-century New York and features tantalizing street scenes and this chase across the tops of the warehouses of the Lower East Side's working waterfront.

In the scene, nightclub owner Rapallo, played by Frank Silvera, and a henchman chase our protagonist, boxer Davy Gordon, played by Jamie Smith. Rapallo has kidnapped Gordon's neighbor and love interest Gloria Price, and foiled Gordon's attempt to rescue her. The Manhattan Bridge also plays a prominent-if-uncredited role. The chase, naturally, is followed by a fight downstairs, inside a mannequin factory.

The finale takes place in the Penn Station">original Penn Station:

Update July 27th: Updated to reflect that this was shot on the Manhattan side of the East River, not the Brooklyn side.