As you've probably noticed from Google's art this week, it's Sesame Street's birthday! Oh the times we've shared. The television show is in its 40th year (here's the pitch), and there's lots of celebrating going on. This coming Monday "the City of New York will unveil a proclamation and announce a temporary street naming in honor of the program’s permanence and everlasting impact on New York City’s history and four generations of children across the country." Yep, Sesame Street is getting a street! The dedication will take place at noon at 64th and Columbus Avenue.

Meanwhile, Daily Intel has a slew of fun facts about the show. Did you know the subway station is inspired by the old station at 72nd Street and Broadway? Here's some more about the set's inspiration by the man who created it — when we visited last year we noticed nothing has really changed in all its decades.

If you want to join in on the fun, there's a Sesame Street special exhibit about to open at the Brooklyn Library's Central Libary (on November 14th). They'll have limited edition Elmo library cards, and say they've collaborated with the Jim Henson Legacy for the three-month multi-faceted exhibit will include original Sesame Street materials from its 40-year history — show scripts, sheet music, show props, photographs and more!

Oh and don't forget, Elmo loves you: