The first ever episode of Saturday Night Live aired on this date, back in 1975—so it's time to say Happy Birthday to Lorne Michaels & Co. (may we suggest some Schweddy Balls?). Recently, we revisited the early days with these audition tapes, and below, you can check out scenes from Season 1. Here is host George Carlin's opening monologue from the first night, which he begins, "Thank you! Talk about a live show! It's nice to see you, welcome, and thanks for joining us—live. Um.. I'm kinda glad that we're on at night, so that we're not competing with all the football and baseball. So many, man.. And this is the time of year when there's both, you know?"

Some more clips from the first season are below—sadly, the show isn't archived very well online (these feature Andy Kaufmann, Lily Tomlin, Chevy Chase, and more):

From Season 1, Episode 15

From Season 1, Episode 6

From Season 1, Episode 11

This one is also from the first season, and offers a look at a young Lorne!

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