We may be in New York City, but it's still September 2nd, 2010 here—which means we can still celebrate 90210 day. There are some New York ties during the original series: Brandon Walsh eventually works for the New York Chronicle (D.C. branch), and on top of that, every deadbeat character on the show was originally from New York!

Remember when Kelly has an internship in the city and meets artist Colin Robbins? He then moves to L.A. to be with her and quickly drags her down with his drug-using ways; she battles a temporary addiction to cocaine because of him. His ex, and the Walsh family's friend, Valerie Malone, is also from New York... and during her first episode is shown smoking a joint in Brenda Walsh's bed; this is the least evil thing she'll do during her time on the show. Well, even if the writers of the show associated New Yorkers with manipulative, evil, drug addicts, at least celebrating 90210 Day gives us heathens a reason to drink.

So with that, tonight the Roosevelt Hotel (at 46th and Madison) is celebrating starting at 9:02:10 p.m., and they ask that you dress as your favorite Beverly Hills alum (from the original series) and enjoy $9.02 drinks (each named after the original characters). Until then, enjoy New Yorker's Brendan and Jackson Kenny's rendition of the 90210 theme song: