OMG didn't exist yet, so Ryan's character typed out: Omigod.

A tipster tells us that he "just ran across the original, official You've Got Mail website" (how does this happen?), and it's still functional, offering up a time capsule into website design circa 1998. We just spent ten minutes going down the rabbit hole, a journey that begins here. For the full experience, you are going to want to click on the "here" where it reads: "if you have Flash click the logo or here to enter the site." Definitely do not skip the intro, it really sets the tone.

Once you get inside, you're on your own. There are a lot of things to click on, one of which allows you to tour the Upper West Side—the site copy reads:

"There's something about the Upper West Side that makes it such a special place in the hearts of many, that gives it a character so unique. It's a part of New York with a quality so its own that it too plays a starring role in You've Got Mail alongside Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan—appearing as itself, of course.

Now you can take a quick tour of some of the Upper West Side sites featured in You've Got Mail. Visit the café where Meg Ryan meets Tom Hanks! See where they eat hot dogs! Learn about the 79th st. Boat Basin, Zabar's, and more.

And while you're learning about the Upper West Side, what better auditory accompaniment than that available from our Sounds of New York section? No matter where in the world you may be, you'll be able to hear cars honking and get a fine headache."

There's also some audio where Nora Ephron talks about the Upper West Side and draws "some interesting parallels between New York City and the internet." We'd love to hear that, but we don't have RealPlayer.