Music speaks volumes about a person, no matter how loud it's played. We identify with certain songs at different times, and those tunes can change with our mood. Are you currently a Death Metal Diva? Hip-Hop Hunk? R&B Beauty? Country Cutie? Genre/Gender mash-ups aside (I could do this all day), you are looking for a like-minded partner and know someone's out there jamming to your favorite track. But how do you find them when everyone you see is zoned out with headphones in?


Enter Happn, a dating app that connects you with the people you cross paths with every day. Basing your potential match feed off your up-to-date location, you can meet people who share your commute, office building, coffee shop or grocery store. With either an anonymous "Like" or a bold "Charm," users that share a mutual interest begin a "Crush" and start up a chat. In a category first, Happn has added Spotify's API to it's platform, letting you send tracks right through the in-app messaging system. You can also spice up your own profile by listing songs that display your musical mood, a fun shortcut to finding common interest and potential chemistry.


You see the songs above and think:

  • You know what, Sia, I also have thick skin and an elastic heart. We've all been there.
  • I have to agree, Zac Brown Band, I like my chicken fried, cold beer on a Friday night, and a pair of jeans that fit just right. Because 'Murica.
  • You sure did nail it, Ying Yang Twins. I too am looking for a dime, that's top of the line. Cute face, lil' waist with a big behind. Who isn't, AMIRITE?

I've been on Happn a couple of months and the new Spotify feature is a game-changer. I've always found normal dating app profiles to be weird. You can't be too broad or you are boring, yet you don't want to be too specific and limit your possible matches. Having a few varied songs in there shows a lot of personality and opens the door to slew of potential matches. It helped paint a picture of my personality and preferences way better than a couple sentences and a handful of emojis. Plus, just sifting through your favorite songs to find a telling mix is a blast.


I used the Jennifer Paige song as an icebreaker, to celebrate us matching. She hadn't even thought about that song in years, and hearing it took her back to when it first came out. We struck up a conversation on the ridiculousness of high school, and took turns sending other songs that time swept under the rug. After getting a sense of one another, we found out one of our favorite movies from that time was being screened that week. Lo and behold, she was down to join and we ended up having a great time. Using the Spotify integration was a fun way to make an impression that I doubt would have happened with just a static, one-note profile.

Ready to put your music taste to good use? Download Happn and find the people you've crossed paths with. Available for both iOS and Android.

This post is brought to you by Happn.