Caution, the videos you are about to watch may induce dizziness, even barfing.

It has come to our attention that a human dreidel is currently on the loose, potentially attempting to coax something like demonstrable holiday cheer from dead-eyed straphangers. Sightings of a man in a blue dreidel suit, spinning in impossibly tight circles, have been reported in the 14th Street vicinity.

Look, here's our human dreidel on the N train, twirling and twirling as his fellow riders pointedly ignore him. I think it's the combination of his circular motion and the subway tunnel flashing by behind him that are making me feel acutely nauseated right about now, hbu?

Another subway rider spotted him in Union Square, spinning wildly on a subway platform, and posted the video to Instagram.

Perhaps you recognize human dreidel's distinctive style from other subway stunts? Arms outstretched, feet tapping him around and around as zippily as possible, occasionally drifting off to one side when the momentum becomes too much? The man inside the dreidel suit would appear to be Jason Izen, whose life's mission—according to Right This Minute—"is to spread his positive energy by twirling happily" in public. He does this kind of thing a lot.

Anyway, Izen posted the below video to his Instagram on Wednesday, unmasking himself as the human dreidel. Happy Hanukkah one and all, I must now close my computer due to motion sickness.