A Banksy rat (photo by Jake Dobkin/Gothamist) and a Hanksy rat (photo via Ceres Merry)

This is what we call "flooding the zone"—for our latest Banksy in NYC coverage, we reached out to the New York-based street artist Hanksy to get his take on his almost-namesake's most recent work. Banksy's open air street art show began yesterday when he put a piece up on Allen Street, which was followed by a new one today on West 25th Street. This is planned to go on all month long, with—presumably—a new piece going up each day.

The new Banksy pieces (Gothamist)

"It's no secret that Banksy stole my street handle and has basically been riding my graffiti coattails for the last few years, but alas I hold no grudges. Seeing as how I consider myself a shitty artist at best, it's always pleasant to see fun and competent work springing up on the street. And the fact that it's in the city I love by the genre's crème de la crème, makes it all that much more exciting. The toll free number on his first Chinatown appearance was an excellent touch and the simple cheekiness of the Westside tag is what I love about his more recent work. This will be a fun month-long ride, both for his haters and lovers alike. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to it." — Hanksy