Halloween is one of the few times a year in which it is (almost) perfectly acceptable to litter your front yard with baby dolls drenched in fake blood, which is incredibly satisfying for those of us who look back fondly on the first season of American Horror Story. It appears not everyone's a huge fan of infant corpses, though, and one New Jersey family has had to put up with criticism over their adorable yard decor, just because they've got a few "creepy" hanging babies on display. But really, unless your display's got a baby being birthed from the stomach of another baby a la Alien, you're doing it wrong anyway.

My Fox Philly reports that a group of NIMBYs in Bellmawr, NJ, are displeased with a bunch of hanging baby dolls on display on the Krueger (no relation) (maybe) family's lawn. Apparently, the display—which features three slightly bloody baby dolls hanging from nooses— is "gross," "disgusting" and "horrible." As one local scold told the station, "I like to see witches, you know goblins and ghosts, not hanging babies."

The Krueger family insist their two kids love the dead silicone creatures. "I think I just want to have fun on Halloween," their 8-year-old son Greg told the station. "I think it's a cool decoration, maybe they don't think it is, but I do." Go with your heart, Greg. Go with your heart.

The real crime here, though, is that the Kruegers' display isn't even all that gruesome. Where are the monstrous rat-dogs, the jarred fetuses and the cannibalistic pumpkins that characterize Halloween displays in the Big Bad City? Weak stuff, Kruegers. Hanging babies are so 2013.