Over the holiday we noticed some adorable photos of a hamster riding a subway in our Flickr pool... and now it seems the familiar fuzzy face has made it all the way to the NY Post! Hopefully it's not going to her head... though she does share the first name of limelight-loving Edie Sedgwick.

Hamster Edie's road to fame began with an idea from her owner, an evidence photographer for the Manhattan DA's Office named Victoria Belanger. While at work, she saw an old subway model made in 1996 for the trial of subway bomber Edward Leary. Shelved and gathering dust, Balanger thought of a new use for it: cute animal photography! She told Miss Heather last week, "The train is perfectly hamster-sized so I brought my super-tame hamster into work for a little photo shoot... I'm really excited about them." Let's hope this means more photos of Edie in past crime scenes!