If you have some people from out of town visiting, show them some crazy modern art by stopping by the Roger Smith Hotel, Lexington and East 47th, to see Cosimo Cavallaro's ham installation. Yes, ham. Brooklyn artist Cavallaro sliced 312 pounds of ham and threw it onto a four-poster bed, within an air-conditioned room. He tells the AP that sliced ham is "a pure form of America: all kinds of parts, boiled and pressed together," while local delis say that sandwich business is up - probably because people get hungry after seeing 312 pounds of ham. Which is funny, because if Gothamist saw that much ham, we'd probably throw up AND then go for BBQ.

A couple years ago, Cavallaro decorated a room with cheese. No mice came, which he says was because so much cheese would have "overwhelmed" them. [Via Hilton and Calvin]