Have you been feeling the need for speed, machismo, and nature all one in one place? You're in luck! The Rental Car Rally, a ridiculous, testosterone-fueled 12-hour car race that draws its inspiration from "the Wacky RacesTHX-1138, the Mad Max trilogy, Logan's Run, Daredevil #267, the original Death Race film, and Cannonball Run I (but not II, except for Catherine Bach's daisy dukes)," is just around the corner.

The latest RCR, on October 21, is pitting teams on a journey from "New York to Apocalypse," which really means from New York City to a remote town in the Catskills. Teams will start in the city and drive through the night, hitting various checkpoints (like ghost towns and abandoned amusement parks) along the way, with promises of a "huge party in a refurbished missile silo" at the end. RCR has previously hosted rides from NYC to Montreal and in other parts of the country, and when we asked RCR co-founder Steve Bryant why they chose to keep the race in New York this year, he responded: "Who doesn't want to party at the end of the world?"

Here are some firsthand accounts of other races, all of which share the same prize: a golden gas pump. If you're so inclined, register your team here, and remember: the cost of fuel is not included.

Here's a look at what to expect: