2005_10_hueycat.jpgWith Halloween in three days, our attention must be turned to those who cannot speak about their costumes: The animals. Tomorrow, at Fort Greene Park, dog owners will converge with their canines in awesome outfits for the Great PUPkin. But what about kitty cats? The Post's Julia Szabo put up this photograph of her cat Huey in a festive costume from Posh Paws on the Upper East Side, but we suspect Huey was given a kilo of catnip, because we've had very little success in convincing the cats we know to wear outfits (except for this U. Michigan fan). We can't help but think back to Robert DeNiro's words from Meet the Parents, when he implies that cats are more intelligent than dogs: Maybe dogs are a glutton for our punishment, but they look so damned cute when they happen to wear balloons in order to look like a bunch of grapes. Maybe cats are silently protesting any costumes because the selection of outfits is so limited.

Are you dressing up your animal on Halloween? And if you would also like to celebrate with some seals, polar bears and monkeys, there are Boo at the Zoo events at four zoos this weekend: Bronx Zoo, Prospect Zoo, Central Park Zoo and the Queens Zoo.