2006_10_annmernat.jpgThis year, the Today Show's tradition of testing its hosts' fortitude by giving them nutty Halloween costumes did not disappoint. Matt Lauer and Al Roker were Jack Sparrow and Captain Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes, that is Al as Captain Davy Jones - he is squidalicious! In years past, Matt and Al have dressed as famous pairs, like Siegfried and Roy, Batman and Robin, and J.Lo and Puffy. We're surprised that NBC was cool with Matt and Al dressing as a famous Disney movie, but the Good Morning America folks didn't dress up at all. All they had were their faces carved into pumpkins and a scary interview with Courtney Love.

The female Today Show personalities were "divas" of music - Ann Curry was Cher, Meredith Vieira was Bette Midler, and Natalie Morales a "Blond Ambition"-era Madonna. Ann and Natalie were racy - Ann mentioned flashing everybody!

Which gets us thinking: Are you dressed up at work? Do you have coworkers who do? Or are jokes about being "office workers who actually work" as far as you go? And if you wanted a Halloween costume idea, here are some last-minute ones from the Today Show.

Photographs of the Today Show crew by Richard Drew/AP