Gothamist just love love loves that Halloween is around the corner because not only does it mean candy (candy!), it means seeing dogs wearing ridiculously cute outfits. We wanted to ask our dog-owning readers for the scoop on the NYC Halloween circuit this year. We know that Fort Green Pups has its Halloween event this Saturday (info here in PDF) and we think there's an event in Tompkins Square Park this Saturday as well. Are there any more?

For humans, check out New York magazine's extensive Halloween in Gotham section, with tips on candy, scary movies and more, and the Daily News' ideas on making your own Halloween treats; plus we had some information about a theater costume sale this week. There are also lots of Halloween events from the City's Parks Department. And cat owners, feel free to let us know about events as well, but we have first-hand experience that cats are not as happy with costumes and we have the scratches to prove it. Plus, you can see the many years of amazing Fort Green dog Halloween costumes at this Fort Greene pups page. Addtional: rion has pictures of jack o'lanterns at Chelsea Market this year and look at Meccapixel's Halloween 2003 shots from the parade.