Gothamist thinks the costume designer for Catwoman got the wrong directions. This Catwoman get-up is so in-your-face it's not sexy. Think cat suit. And sure, Halle Berry looked great in a bikini in Die Another Day, but Catwoman is not some undercover government operative trying to seduce someone on Her Majesty's Service. Here, this outfit is clearly trying too hard. And also, Catwoman is catlike, not attacked by cats. Gothamist is not understanding.

Meow - Michelle Pffeifer, Catwoman of our times...for nowGothamist is more a fan of the demented, do-it-yourself vinyl-chic of Michelle Pffeifer's Catwoman costume in Batman Returns. Please, Pitof, make it stop.

Gothamist on earlier Catwoman casting thoughts and Benjamin Bratt as male lead opposite Halle.

[Via MCN]